1/18/21: launched the 'stand proud' page. i haven't finished the blogposts on there yet, although.

1/15/21: i uploaded a new page on my favorite music! it's a bit of a work in progress, though. you can check it out on the posts index. i added even more links to the links page. ive been becoming mutuals with a lot of more sites on neocities as of late, so you'll probably see more buttons up there soon hehe ^_^

1/13/21: finished up the posts index page, i love how it looks now. more links as well, and i'm also slowly beginning to add the favicon to each page.

1/9/21: the links and about page has a new look now that i like much better! so does the index page, you can scroll the site and there's buttons at the bottom. i'm slowing adding the favicon to each page, by the way, but it's probably going to take me a long time.

1/4/21: happy new year everyone! i have began to organize and recode the archives, again, but this time it's better. i'm starting school very soon so updates are going to be slower :/ i'm trying to focus on schoolwork more since i did so horribly last semester.

12/29/20: a new year is upon us and i'm so glad to have completed this website! all the pages look pretty much how i want them to, and that includes the fanlistings page!! going forward i hope to keep adding to the archives with my findings of the old web. also, i do have a secret little diary that i update from time to time so you can check that out under posts if you so choose. thanks for sticking with me on this journey!

12/26/20: i hope you all had a very merry december, if you celebrated a holiday this time of year. i finished up with the about page, and pretty much everything that's not on my to-do list. it's been a couple of months but i'd say this website is almost to completion! :D

12/18/20: i put up a new post! it's actually really personal, but i felt like i needed to put it somewhere.

12/8/20: i redid my button links! but now theres more pages for me to do. and not enough time. i've got a lot of schoolwork to do, including all of my missing assignments, so i'll probably only upd8 in tiny little chunks.

12/3/20: i've added more of my mutuals buttons to the links page. also there's a fanlistings page now, but i haven't added the fanlistings button to the archives or the posts page. that's pretty much the only updates for today, i've got schoolwork to do :/

11/30/20: i'm currently working on the archives...not super recent updates, however i have added some dolls. i am making it so it's more organized. there's a sidebar now. also over the weekend i added a diary page, not too personal, just some thoughts here and there.

11/28/20: i edited my about page so its more streamlined, so now you can see my favorite stuff, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and more! enjoy~

11/27/20: you may have noticed that i put my upd8 log over here! you can still see upd8's on the homepage, although not the full list. here's the full list!!

11/24/20: we're coming up on the one month anniversary of this website and its almost complete!! i probably won't be able to upd8 on thursday tho. i'm an american, so i'll be having dinner with my family. stay safe and have a happy thanksgiving!

11/21/20: i've added this little handy dandy side bar so it doesn't feel too cluttered all in one box. more archival additions as always ;)

11/19/20: big upd8 to the archives! tons of more blinkies and even a divider :3

11/16/20: i'm working on my fashion page, however it won't be done for awhile. i'm still toying around with it and seeing if i like the layout or not.

11/13/20: added my guestbook! if u like my website, pls leave a comment on my guestbook or my site profile.

11/11/20: i finally completed the links page, and so all the 'official' pages are complete.

11/8/20: finished the about page, more blinkies, gifs, and trinkets moved to the archives.

11/2/20: started working on my web diary, also added more to the archive ;)

10/27/20: new blinkies in the archives, and the links page is being worked on.

10/26/20: added the homepage as well as the archives.