about // an all about the webmaster page.

archives // an archive full of all my old web finds. blinkies, buttons, and gifs galore.

fanlistings // a page which links back to all the fanlistings i've joined/signed up for.

index // the home page.

more links // a links page. links to my mutuals pages, resources, and other fun stuff.

posts // a page that links to all my blogposts.

diary // just a diary page with some thoughts that i don't make into essays or other blogposts.

2020 diary // a 2020 diary page which was started in november.

2021 diary // a 2021 diary page which was started in january.

in defense of he/him lesbians // a blogpost i wrote in april defending he/him lesbians.

my own gender trouble // a blogpost i wrote about my personal gender shit.

updates // simply an update log page.