the artforms of everyday life

if there's one positive to COVID, it's that the icebreakers the teachers make us do at my high school aren't as cringeworthy and awkward as they are in person. i haven't gotten a single "give three adjectives your friends would describe you as" since thee beginning of the school year, which probably the question i hate most of all. first off, it makes me sound conceited as hell, and second of all i don't know. i can't necessarily remember the other words, but in past instances i would always put down "artistic" or "artsy", and there is some truth to that.

i am artistic. i'd been deemed the art kid when i was in elementary school for my way with drawing. but i don't think i'm always artistic in the visual sense - there's different ways of being artistic, in the way we think and how we feel and how we go about our daily lives. the only way this artistic sense really presents itself obtusely is through the visual arts. art isn't just in the medium, it's in the mind. drawing is a skill you can learn and master, but creating art and creating a drawing are two different things. art tells a story, it shows a feeling - a drawing is a recreation of something you could imagine in your head. thomas kinkade simply made paintings, but jeffrey1 creates art. a drawing is nothing more than just a pretty picture, and art is anything but.

i create art on some days, and on others i create drawings. creating drawings and the like is not a bad thing, in fact, if it makes you happy i say go for it. but it is different than making art. and i don't want to come off as pretenious, or for this article to be misconstrued as saying that only the most fantastical people can create art. actually, i think most people have created art without even thinking about it. but there is a difference between creating art without knowing, and creating art with the intent to create art, and i am the ladder half. i create through three ways: my attire, this very website, and turning drawings into art. with my fashion, i feel. with my website, i think. and with my drawings, i envision.

as i mentioned previously my fashion isn't always art, sometimes it's just a piece of clothing i chose for the day. but when i'm feeling a certain way, my sense of style communicates that. it conveys my identity, my androgyny displayed through the fabric on my back and the pigment of my eyeshadow. it's a detailed and delicate practice. as will graham would put it, this is my design, though i am talking about the artform of fashion and not the artform of murder. can killing and cannibalizing be an artform? that's a topic for another day.

i this website would be my greatest project yet. one thing to know is that not all art pieces come to an end, and that is the case with my site. it's everlasting, at least until the internet dies and fades into obscurity. even if i abandon this site one day, it lives on. i've saved pages to the wayback machine, and i hope a future web archivist might see something of interest, and know that this project existed. that's the thing about art. some art may close its own curtains, and some don't, but one thing for certain is that they are timeless. my site exists as a recreation of my thoughts into code, and so the code that forms pixels and pictures on a monitor are my very own art. while i talk about art, i am creating it as well. how meta.

the most deliberate of my art would be my drawings, paintings, and what not. you probably saw this coming. this art is where my story-telling as well as my imagination comes into play, which is easily the most common artform. putting what you see onto your canvas, whether that canvas you could feel the fine tooth of, or with another you couldn't even begin to describe. with my deliberate artform, i imagine, and put forth ideas that could only be explained by a drawing or another visual medium. i create this art with the intention to create, and with this comes skill to draw. not skill to create art, mind you. art is not a matter of skill. skill only enhances art. and so i work hard on my drawings, so i can perfectly depict my imagination. i put together drawings to finally make art.

art isn't necessarily about skill or talent. art is not something you can master or beat, it isn't a sport. art is something you convey. art conveys feelings, ideas, thoughts, and much more. it's a message. it is a long-winded, deep conversation between the art and the viewer. it's something that never goes away, it's something that's been here since the big bang. the universe itself and i have something in common, here; we're both artistic in that sense.

1. jeffrey is an artist who coined and created the medium of whistlegraphs. you can find his work on instagram and tiktok under the username whistlegraph.