ALL // 2020 // 2021

january 13th, 2021:

i fucking hate apush. i fucking hate that i waited until tonight to finish this one stupid fucking assignment. i can't focus on anything else and it's stressing me out beyond belief. i want to email my teacher asking for an extension, but that just looks so bad. and she won't give me one, she's a hardass. it's due at 10 p.m. which means i only have 2 or 3 hours to finish but with my dogshit attention span i doubt i'll get it done. god i fucking hate this shit.

january 11th, 2021:

i think the moment people started frothing at the mouth over white guys who make offensive jokes on the internet again is truly when i knew there is no "going back to normal." seriously, what is so special about dream? are you guys just so touchstarved and lonely you just cling to the next parasocial relationship you can manifest? i mean, sure, quarantine hit me hard, but what the fuck?

january 9th, 2021:

today has been pretty sucky so far. i've been having dudebro jojo fans flooding my comment section on tiktok just because i think jotaro is gay, and it's honestly stressing me out. it all started yesterday when i posted a sorta joke and then it got out of control and god i fucking hate them all. i've considered leaving tiktok and social media in general because them commenting on my videos boosted my reach tremendously, and honestly i don't think i can deal with the pressure of a bunch of people watching me, even though i only have 500 or so followers. i'm not saying that i'm fucking famous or anything, i'm not. it's just a little stressful is all.

january 6th, 2021:

fuck my rsd. that shit sucks, i hate it so much. and took two concerta instead of one today, man fuck this shit. why do i have to be upset about one miniscule thing that doesn't even matter, why i can't i just not have adhd? i just feel stressed and upset about it. fuck. this.