i, unfortunately, really like anime and manga. this page is mostly just a catalog of the anime i've seen and want to watch, and the same goes for manga. i haven't written any reviews for this page just yet, but i hope to do so sometime in the future! judge my taste all you want here, and delete your my anime list account. start an anime and manga page!

unsurprisingly, i got into anime during middle school, so i'm still kind of a rookie anime and manga fan. nevertheless, i've still watched and read plenty of anime and manga. my first anime was yuri! on ice, and goddamn i'm glad it was. a friend had recommended it to me, and i remember so vividly watching it dubbed in 480p with spanish subtitles on youtube. but you didn't come here to listen to me reminisce on my middle school days, so i'll shut the fuck up for now.


i'm actually not too pretentious about the movies and tv shows i watch. well, okay, maybe just a little. i can't help that i love complex visual media! anyways, this page is another catalog for movies and tv shows that i've watched, specifically for this year and late 2020.


a page for my reading adventures. if you can call sitting on my bed and annotating furiously in some estoteric book i don't even really understand an adventure. here you'll find book reviews, my reading lists, and just general literary criticism.

reading truly IS sexy, unless you're a morosexual that is. i wouldn't know. i hope you enjoy the library page as well as that stamp that looks like a poster you'd see in a elementary school. there's too many books out there and not enough to time to read, alas, i'll save for them for later. reading isn't a race.


i really like music. like, really like music. and here's the proof! this page lists my favorite artists, as well as the titles in my cd collection. i like most genres, even country! not post-911 country, however, i mostly drift towards female country artists like dolly parton. i'm getting off topic, though. i recommend pretty much all the artists on my favorites list. pardon the lengthy page.


inspired by quotebots on twitter, but i'm over social media. this hosts a generator filled with quotes that struck a cord with me, whether they be sad, happy, or just plain silly. if you're wondering where a particular quote is from, you can message me on my guestbook or neocities profile. the quotebot also helps me play around with javascript. :]