cool text // a place to create headers, blinkies, etc. used for this very page. :-)

glitter text online // generates glittery text in many different fonts and colors.

blinkie maker by myblinkie // lots of blinkie templates if you can't make your own! used this site for the link buttons on the homepage.

glowtxt // a glowing text generator, also links some other interesting text generators that are similar to this one.

pixlr // a free image editor that i use from time to time! it's super reliable, and interface is easy to use.

how i created my quote generator // a little tutorial on how to create a quote generator for your website.

textspace generator // generate some cute logos for your site.

gifcities // how could i forget our dearly beloved gifcities? if you're unfamiliar, gifcities is an archive of gifs from the geocities days, courtsey of the wayback machine and internet archive.


shrine favicons // credit to this tumblr for the favicons used for my kazuya and lain shrine.

web creations by jumpy // a nice website filled with graphics! highly recommend, it's fantastic.

glitter graphics // a place for graphics that have a 2000's charm to it.

w3schools // a useful site that teaches css and html as well as some other programming languages. it really helped me set up my site when i first started!

horror gif necronomicon // a grimoire of various horror gifs! also has spooky midi files for autoplay.

fauux // a mysterious little lain site. the wired login symbol above comes from that site. i recommend the site to all average serial experiments lain enjoyers.




girl and queer punk bands directory

donnie darko fansite

first view fashion photography archive

queer history essays by rictor norton