name: lee

gender: nonbinary and also none of your business

pronouns: they/them

height: 5'4

likes: vampires, spooky stuff, cherry pepsi, listening to music, anime and manga, video games

dislikes: bigots, capitalism, social events without friends, being bored, exercise most of the time, candles with food scents, loud music in the car, asinine internet discourse that doesn't impact the real world, and people who know nothing acting like they know something

interests: drawing, writing, reading, chess, philosophy (specifically postmodernism), fashion, and coding


book: the long walk by stephen king. i could write entire essays on this book. it's completely underrated.

movies: donnie darko and hereditary

tv show: hannibal (nbc) - i've rewatched it twice!

games: ib, your turn to die, and stardew valley

anime: revolutionary girl utena. i highly recommend to anyone who's into anime, just take a look at the content warnings beforehand. it's not best to go into it blind. serial experiments lain, too!

food: chocolate chip cookies

colors: black, red, purple, and green

places: my room (my sanctuary), and my local cemetary as well. it's oddly calming to me.

creative outlet: either drawing or my sense of style. it's an important part of my identity.