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contacting lee


currently playing: don't fear the reaper :]

interests: drawing, writing, reading, playing video games, learning french, chess, philosophy, postmodernism, history, fashion, and coding
current projects: my art, a story i hope to someday develop, and of course this site.
favorite media: the long walk by stephen king, donnie darko, hereditary, hannibal, stardew valley, revolutionary girl utena, and aoi hana.
high school student
midwestern united states
last login: 8/22/2021
mood: neutral 

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the artforms of everyday life - a little article about art and the art that exists within our lives, the way we live, and all around us. it's also about how i perform and create my own art. (view more)

my own gender trouble - a blogpost i wrote about my personal gender shit and my contentions with the concept of gender and being percieved as a woman. (view more)

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lee's blurbs

about me:

hi, i'm lee! welcome to my site. i'm a teenager who likes a lot of things, but most of all i like to create stuff. writing, drawing, all of that jazz.


vampires, spooky stuff, cherry pepsi, listening to music, biking, anime and manga, and video games.


bigots, capitalism, social events without friends, being bored, candles with food scents, loud music in the car, asinine internet discourse that doesn't impact the real world, and people who know nothing acting like they know something

guilty pleasures:

break stuff by limp bizkit. i know, i know. i would also put lady gaga here but i'm not guilty about that, i fucking love lady gaga!

who i'd like to meet:

cool people who like the same things as me! funny people too. if you want to be friends with me you need to have the same shitty, stupid sense of humor as me.

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