here are all my lovely mutuals! go check out their sites, they're all super cool.

other cool sites

donnie darko webpage // basically a wiki page for donnie darko (2001) but way more in depth, and with better web desgin.

empty movement // an utena fansite which has been around since the early days! has lots of stuff to view and interact with.

shoujo bouquet // a history project and fansite about 20th century shoujo art and literature. made by the author of beloved. // a site with a bunch of free, playable games on it. i recommend ib and your turn to die!

my tumblr // where all my uploads from the archives go. some content that aren't on the archives are also there as well, with some reblogs.

leftist library

marxists internet archive // an entire library full of leftist thought, from engels all the way to zizek. it also offers audiobooks, ebooks, and downloadable pdf files.

anarchist library // similar to the MIA, but more focused on anarchy. also, just in my opinion, a little bit difficult to navigate. nonetheless, still a great site.

leftist library // i had no idea there was a leftist library here on neocities, but apparently there is! check em out, they have a bunch of pdfs for free.

old web scavenging + resources

wayback machine // allows you to look at all the archived webpages over time! you could also look at other things like books, videos, etc. on other parts of the site, but i prefer browsing the wayback machine for old web treasures :3

gifcities // one of the internet archive's projects, focused on preserving gifs from geocities! i find most of my gifs, blinkies, and what not from here. if you click on a gif you can go to a specific website archived on the wayback machine.

glitter graphics // a place for graphics that have a 2000's charm to it. similar to gifcities, but instead grouped into categories.

cool text // a place to create headers, blinkies, etc. used for this very page. :-)

glitter text online // generates glittery text in many different fonts and colors.

blinkie maker by myblinkie // lots of blinkie templates if you can't make your own! used this site for the link buttons on the homepage.

glowtxt // a glowing text generator, also links some other interesting text generators that are similar to this one.