welcome to housebound!

last month, as a late birthday gift i got a switch and animal crossing. since then, i've fallen in love with the game, which is why i decided to make a page for this game, centering on my very own island called housebound! but you probably already knew that. i named housebound on a play on words on the infamous webcomic homestuck.

my friend code is SW-3386-2286-2123, if you are so inclined to add me ^_^

housebound stats

flag of housebound: click to see it here

anthem of housebound: lady gaga's bad romance (don't sue me it's transformative)

resident representative: me

housebound rating: three stars out of five

location: southern hemisphere

island fruit: oranges


past residents:


goals and plans (as of february 2021)


pixel sprites // you can check out the villager sprites i put in housebound stats! very cute, i'd recommend if you also have or want an animal crossing page.

staff pixel sprites // here's where i found the pixel sprites for the "staff." i know they're not really "staff" but they kind of feel like staff of my island, they supply me with resources, and i don't know what to call them that's not npc's that aren't villagers. you can also find other cute pixel stuff on this tumblr.

VAMPIRE PDA 2020-2021