name: lee

gender: nonbinary and also none of your business

pronouns: they/xe/shey

height: 5'3 and a half

zodiac: taurus

mbti: intp

hair color: naturally brown, dyed black for now

eye color: blue greenish

race: white

nationality: american

likes: vampires, spooky stuff, cherry pepsi, listening to music, anime and manga, video games

dislikes: bigots, capitalism, social events without friends, people who treat alternative subcultures as a fun little trend a.k.a posers

favorite bands: depeche mode, the cure, lebanon hanover, sisters of mercy, joy division, cocteau twins, christian death, molchat doma, scary bitches, bauhaus, she wants revenge, my chemical romance (a classic), creature feature, american football, nirvana, against me!, dead kennedys, anti-flag, suicidal tendencies, slowdive, my bloody valentine, mitski, fiona apple, and the list goes on.

favorite book: the long walk by stephen king, i could write thousands of essays on that book!

favorite movies: i don't have any in particular, but i do harbor a fondness for donnie darko and hereditary.

favorite games: ib, your turn to die, and stardew valley

favorite anime: revolutionary girl utena, death note, perfect blue, jojo's bizarre adventure

hobbies: drawing, writing, playing chess, reading, and of course coding ^_^


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