welcome to the second rendition of vampirepda! new and improved, now with a new layout and spooky autoplay.

the title of this website is a bit misleading. this site isn't dedicated to public displays of affection to vampires, although i do really like vampires. i'm lee, the webmaster!

i didn't create this website for a specific reason, and in actuality i started this awhile back to practice coding. i brought it back as an extension of my tumblr page, but after abandoning the original, i decided to fully move the web archives to neocities. i use this space to host all my projects, artworks, and what not. my website name used to be pandora heartgrip, which was named after the main character of a webcomic i've shelved. i hope you find this helpful and enjoyable!

and as always, thank you for visiting my site.


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you are free to use whichever you think is the best, but the one on the right is brand new.


6/27/21: revamped the about page again because i think sites that have all the same layout are kinda boring, and about pages are supposed to be personalized, goddamnit. added more of my neighbors' buttons to the links page and more graphics to the graphics page.

6/9/21: sidebar updated on all /main/ pages.

6/2/21: the quote generator is up! also added a tutorial i used to make said generator on the links page. some minor tweaks here and there.

5/30/21: revamped the following pages: graphics, links, anime, music, and library.

5/24/21: revamped the following pages: index, about, and fanlistings. more to follow.

5/22/21: site revamp, and a removal of some pages. new things coming soon!