the title of this website is a bit misleading. this site isn't dedicated to public displays of affection to vampires, although i do really like vampires. i'm lee, the webmaster! ^_^

i won't get too much into detail about me - you can read more about me on the cleverly titled about page. i'm a nonbinary teenager who uses they/shey/xe pronouns. besides coding, i like to draw and play chess. i dress in an alternative style, though i don't ascribe to a specific subculture. but if you wanted to put a label on me, you could say i'm goth. i'm also a leftist and a commie. some of my favorite stuff is homestuck, danganronpa, popee the performer, and lots of other anime and manga.

i didn't create this website for a specific reason, and in actuality i started this awhile back to practice coding. i brought it back as an extension of my tumblr page, but after abandoning the original, i decided to fully move the web archives to neocities. i use this space to host all my projects, artworks, and what not. my website name used to be pandora heartgrip, which was named after the main character of a webcomic i've shelved. i hope you find this helpful and enjoyable!


on january 23rd, 2021, i reached 10,000 views on neocities! you don't know how happy this makes me. it may not seem like a lot to some, but it's a lot to me. that's thousands of people looking at this little site that i've been working on for almost a year now. thanks for coming on this journey with me everyone!!!!


2/22/21: more work done on the lain shrine and the archives. also an anime and manga reading/watching list page for fun.

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