the title of this website is a bit misleading. this site isn't dedicated to public displays of affection to vampires, although i do really like vampires. i'm lee, the webmaster! ^_^

i won't get too much into detail about me, since i'd like to keep my privacy, and you can read more about me on the cleverly titled about page. i'm a nonbinary teenager who uses he/shey/xe/vamp pronouns. besides coding, i like to draw and play chess. i dress in an alternative style, though i don't ascribe to a specific subculture. i'm also a leftist and a commie. some of my favorite stuff is homestuck, danganronpa, popee the performer, and lots of other anime and manga.

i didn't create this website for a specific reason, and in actuality i started this awhile back to practice coding. i used to host a lot of stuff, but now i just host my web archive on here to keep track. if you'd like to use any of my treasures, feel free!! i'd encourage that. my website name used to be pandora heartgrip, which was named after the main character of a webcomic i've shelved. now, the vampirepda website functions as an extension of my tumblr page. i hope you find this helpful and enjoyable!


12/2/20: happy december! i've redone the "more links" page. except you probably shouldn't view it on mobile, it probably looks horrible. well, i like how it looks on desktop ^_^


here are some of my own blinkies hand crafted by me in ms paint :3 please credit me if you want to use them on your site or any other page!


want to link me on your site? save and use the stamp below ^_^ just make sure to NOT hotlink and let me know so i can link yours too!